Selected presentations from the Climbing Forum soon on video


Soon we will publish 7 full-length presentations of the Climbing Forum. These presentations can be viewed for a fee. The presentations will be available in German and English

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Submit proposals for short presentations


After this year's German Tree Care Conference, the planning for next year's conference continues immediately. The contents of the former scientific poster session will then be given more space: Instead of an exhibition, there shall be corresponding short speeches (probably 10-15 minutes) in the conference program starting in 2023.

This change will also reorganize the development of the program. The advisory board will already discuss the program for the 2023 conference at the end of June 2022. We therefore need the proposals for the short presentations already in mid-June (last submission: June 17, 2022). At the same time, we are simplifying the submission requirements. Instead of a full manuscript, only an abstract (half to one page) should be submitted initially, outlining the main content of the paper. Please send the abstract(s) directly to Martina Borowski (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Accepted short papers will be published in the Yearbook of Arboriculture 2023. The deadline for submission of completed manuscripts is Dec. 1, 2022.

We look forward to many interesting proposals!
The team of the German Tree Care Conference

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No more restrictions because of Corona


As of Sunday, 4/3/2022, the new Federal Infection Control Act is in effect. Many of the previous protections such as 3G or 2G regulations, capacity restrictions, distance requirements have been removed. The requirement to wear a mask is also eliminated. If there are no changes in this regard in the next few weeks, the German Tree Care Conference can take place without access restrictions. Nevertheless, we appeal to mutual consideration and, if the situation requires it, to wear a medical or FFP2 mask.

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Free entry for Ukrainian arborists!


The German Tree Care Conference from May 10-12, 2022 is just around the corner and the organization for it is running on full speed. At the same time, the current situation in Ukraine overshadows everything. This also affects us personally. While the people there are fighting for their lives and for their country, we are already receiving initial inquiries as to whether and how we can support the tree care community in Ukraine as the city trees and street trees are destroyed or damaged by this war.

Therefore, we have decided to grant free entrance to all Ukrainian arborists and tree specialists in 2022 and the following years.
Please note: Our event will be held bilingually (German / English). Requests for booking can be sent to this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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New guidelines for tree care


This fall, two sets of rules for tree care were published that are of international importance. The first is the translation of the German ZTV-Baumpflege (2017), which was prepared under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Dirk Dujesiefken. The "Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Tree Care" (ATTC-Tree Care) is the English version and can now be ordered directly from the FLL (

Secondly, the "European Tree Pruning Guide" has just been published. This standard is intended to define the technical procedures used for pruning amenity trees. It was developed within the framework of an Erasmus+ project by the working group "Technical Standards in Treework - TeST" with colleagues from various European countries.
This guideline is available free of charge. You can download it here.

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Special event review


After a long Corona break, there was once again an arboricultural conference in Augsburg. On September 21, the special event took place at the Kongress am Park, the place where this conference originated. Based on regulatory requirements, we were able to accommodate 49 exhibitors indoors and outdoors. The hall had great similarities with the one in the fair. There was no mask requirement in the hall for the 270 visitors. The participants felt comfortable and were happy to finally meet colleagues again.

The event began immediately with a much-discussed topic: how to deal with ivy in tree inspection from a legal and biological point of view. The biological part was taken over by Andreas Detter, the legal part by Rainer Hilsberg, who participated in the meeting via video link. It was organized in such a way that also the questions of the participants could be answered directly by Mr. Hilsberg. It is a complex topic and the many questions clearly showed that the colleagues are uncertain in practice. A written elaboration on the subject by the two speakers can be found in the Yearbook of Arboriculture 2020.

In the further course, Dr. Axel Schneidewind reported on the root development of container trees and gave recommendations for planting. Professor Dujesiefken gave an overview of current changes and developments in standards and regulations for tree protection on construction sites, and Dr. Markus Streckenbach showed positive and negative examples from practice. The following discussions impressively showed the need for expert information on this topic.

Professor Roloff then gave a presentation on "Drought stress on urban trees". The dry years since 2018 have caused considerable damage to trees. Many trees have died. Which tree species came to be replanted in changing climate conditions? Do native tree species even have a chance anymore? These questions were discussed and it was pointed out that this topic will be a focus at the German Tree Care Conference next year. At the end of his presentation, Andreas Roloff made a wood species sound: he had a xylophone made of Robinia wood and played on the instrument while pictures of drought-resistant trees were shown on the screen. This performance was rewarded with a huge applause.

At the end of the special event, Dirk Dujesiefken and Thomas Amtage were once again on stage together. They had led through the day and gave an preview of the upcoming events of the German Arboriculture Conference. Dirk Dujesiefken first thanked Thomas Amtage for the excellent cooperation this year, because this special event was the first jointly organized and implemented conference in Augsburg. Since this year, both form a dual leadership and are joint managing directors of the German Tree Care Conference. For the coming years, both are counting on continuity. At the same time, digitalization must be advanced. One of the topics is the connection of a speaker via video. Rainer Hilsberg's presentation at this conference was a successful start. The use of a booking portal for registering as a participant is another development in this area. This has also already been introduced this year. At the advisory board meeting on the day before the special event, it was also decided that there would no longer be a scientific poster session during the conference in the future. The response to this type of knowledge transfer has been very low in recent years. Instead of posters, there will be short lectures starting in 2023. Proposals for topics for these short talks can be submitted and will be accepted until mid-June 2022. The advisory board will then discuss the conference program. Accepted short lectures will be published in the Yearbook of Arboriculture.

In summary, the special event was a great success. On the one hand, a larger conference took place at all, on the other hand, this event was a multiple test run for technical innovations in the organization and for the lectures. But the most valuable thing was that after months of contact restrictions and video conferences, colleagues were together again and had the opportunity for an intensive exchange.

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Fake mails in connection with the German Tree Care Conference


A number of our customers and/ or exhibitors have been contacted by an unknown sender offering contact lists with sensitive data for sale.

These are spam e-mails, recognisable by the fact that they:

  1. are written in English;
  2. have not been sent from our email domain;
  3. mention a fictitious event date.

For your reassurance: there was no hacker attack on our server.

We expressly distance ourselves from these emails and messages. We suspect that these emails with offers to buy information have been sent to random addressees in the industry, as we have also received them.

 If you receive a suspicious mail of this kind, please do not click on the links or attachments and block the sender.

 Best regards,

Your German Tree Care Conference Team


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