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April 23 to 25, 2024

  • The main topics for 2024

    The program of the German Tree Care Conference is nearly finalized. The main topics for the lectures have already been determined:

    • April 23: Tree biology and climate change
    • April 24: Tree protection on construction sites
    • April 25: Tree inspection and tree investigations

    The detailed program of the German Tree Care Conference will be published here in December. Registration will also be possible from that time.

    Deutsche Baumpflegetage, Augsburg

    Our video takes you on a tour of the German Tree Care Conference.

    30 years of German Tree Care Conference in Augsburg

    We are extremely pleased that the German Tree Care Conferencee was so particularly successful on its 30th anniversary. We would like to thank the many speakers for their excellent presentations. We would especially like to thank this year's specialist partner of the conference, HAWK, Göttingen. The presentations covered many new topics and greatly enriched the event. You can read the contents of all presentations in the current Yearbook of Arboriculture.  

    In the fair there were again several exhibitions with expert information. The engagement of the colleagues was noticeable everywhere and made the event very special on all three days. For us, too, it was a very special week with lots of discussions and information. 

    We will take this momentum with us into the planning phase for the next German Tree Care Conference, which will take place next year from April 23-25, 2024.

    Thomas Amtage and Dirk Dujesiefken
    Managing Directors German Tree Care Conference

    Yearbook of Arboriculture

    Each conference participant receives a copy.

    The Yearbook of Arboriculture (Jahrbuch der Baumpflege) is published annually on the occasion of the German Tree Care Conference in Augsburg. It contains technical articles relating to the lectures given at the respective conference and also details the scientific poster exhibition. As the main topics of the conference change every year, collectively, the Yearbook of Arboriculture forms a complementary series of books. It is both a reference work and reference book in one. In addition, it contains addresses of associations and research institutions and an address directory of arboriculture for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For details of the complete yearbooks published to date, there is also an index with a list of authors and an index of key words.

    The Yearbook of Arboriculture is used by experienced practitioners, arborists, experts and scientists alike as a vital source of information. Within you will find the latest specialist knowledge, scientific advancements all similarly and comprehensibly presented.


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    Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2024

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