2020: the International Year of Plant Health

The United Nations General Assembly (UN) has declared 2020 the "International Year of Plant Health". This highlights the importance of healthy plants for food security and ecosystems on earth. Together with the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), we are therefore addressing the current problems for tree care and discussing possible solutions for healthy green in our cities. Our main topics are:

  • Current tree diseases
  • Drought stress and tree management
  • Root zone and tree health
  • Rope climbing technique - innovations, safety and efficiency
  • Sustainability in tree care
  • Accidents and the importance of aftercare

The entire programme is scientifically based and prepared for practical use. All lectures will be simultaneously translated.

The conference with its lectures and discussions establishes an interactive tie between theoretical and practical tree care. During the three-day conference experts of different disciplines of arboriculture come together for an exchange of information.

Tree Climbing Forum
Arborists and tree climbers from all over Europe and overseas will find a program especially designed for their professional belongings. International speakers combine practical-orientated lectures with practical presentations on the climbing tower in the outdoor area.

Trade Show
The German Tree Care Conference is accompanied by a trade show on which 140 well-known exhibitors will present their innovations, products and services for every-day work in arboriculture. Furthermore, there will be various activities and presentations in the hall and outside area.

Some impressions for you

The international Tree Climbing Forum in Augsburg/Germany

further videos

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Trees - more important than ever

Dirk Dujesiefken

The more climate change progresses, the more important trees become. But our native trees are increasingly stressed by heat and drought, becoming easy targets for pests and diseases. According to the organisation “Bund Deutscher Forstleute”, more than 100 million old trees have already died in Germany's forests as a result of climate change. In the Harz Mountains, for example, the bark beetle has caused drastic damage to the weakened trees. But it is not only the well-known pests that cause us concern. As it gets warmer, more harmful organisms from more southern regions migrate to us and bring new pests and tree diseases.

Together with the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), we have discussed these problems and created the lectures from them.  The transfer of knowledge between research and practice has always been our guiding principle. I think this cooperation has resulted in a highly up-to-date programme. The JKI staff will also be available to answer questions during breaks.

 I am already looking forward to interesting lectures and discussions in Augsburg.

Best regards

Yours D. Dujesiefken

Yearbook of Arboriculture

The Yearbook of Arboriculture edited by Prof. Dr. Dirk Dujesiefken contains the lectures and the scientific poster session of each year. All articles are well illustrated; they are written in German and have English summaries. In addition you can find addresses of organizations and companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in this reference work. Publisher: Haymarket Media, Braunschweig.

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